Comprehensive delivery from Ruukki to Lidl’s distribution centre in Örebro, Sweden

Aug 31, 2018

Ruukki is designing, manufacturing and installing a steel and concrete frame for the Lidl chain’s distribution centre in Örebro, Sweden. Ruukki’s delivery also includes the load-bearing roof, facades and windows. The company will also supply the partitions and roofing for interior cold rooms.

“We’ve co-operated with Ruukki from the very start and made a proposal to Lidl as to how their considerable investment should be implemented in a beneficial way. Our collaboration played a very important part in us getting the project, and it also assures the building will be constructed in the manner intended,” says Tommy Allström, CEO of Bryggproduktion Ab and responsible for construction.

“Ruukki’s solid experience in similarly sized logistics centres brought added value and benefited our co-operation with Tommy Allström Bryggproduction Ab. The client's risks also diminish when they have a familiar, reliable partner in charge of delivering both frame and shell structures,” states Ruukki’s Sampo Haapoja, who is responsible for industrial hall construction in Sweden and Norway.

The surface area of the mainly one-storey distribution centre is 44,000 square metres, an area of about six football fields. It will serve between 70 to 100 Lidl Swedish retailers and is Lidl’s third large logistics centre in Sweden.

The installation of the steel frame built by Ruukki will be initiated in August 2018 and should be completed at the turn of the year. With regard to the cold rooms, completion of delivery is due in May 2019. The distribution centre itself will be completed by the end of 2019.

The welded beams are being made at Ruukki’s factory in Ylivieska and the steel trusses in Peräseinäjoki. The columns and regular beams are being manufactured at Ruukki’s Oborniki plant in Poland, as well as the sandwich panels used in the walls.  

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