Ruukki profile adorns the longest light-controlled façade in Finland

Nov 28, 2017, a car sales company in the Vantaa district of Petikko just outside Helsinki, used Ruukki’s products to create an impressive façade. Renovation of the façade was part of the total refurbishment of the building, which was completed in early 2017. Since sells cars, they needed impressive, easily accessible business premises.

“We found such premises vacated by general discount retailer Tokmanni along the Kehä III ringroad in Vantaa. The property was in good condition, but rather plain and required a facelift,” said Juha Mustakangas, who was the consultant and customer’s representative in the refurbishment project.

Juha Mustakangas owns Concept & Contact Oy, which specialises in property development.

It pays to refurbish a property in good condition

Repairs work out cheaper than new development. Besides the façade, modern showroom and brand car service facilities were created according to‘s concept inside the building. Elements created by retail design company Happimaa Oy were used inside the premises.

The building was given a more impressive look by raising the façade height by two metres and using perforated steel profiles in the cladding. Backlighting was installed in the profiles for added impressiveness. With a length of 130 metres,’s façade is the longest LED light-controlled façade in Finland.

“Perforated steel profile is a good façade material for refurbishment projects. It’s relatively light and so is easy to install. It’s technically flexible and can thus straighten any convexity in the walls,” Juha Mustakangas enthused.

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“We’ve received feedback from the City of Vantaa that our refurbishment has benefited the entire Petikko area. It’s improved the status of the area and has also attracted other companies to set up there,” said Juha Mustakangas.

Juha Mustakangas is pleased with the way Ruukki works. Ruukki succeeded well in its own part. He mentions one stage which has stuck in his mind. A mistake in the order almost resulted in the product running out before refurbishment was completed. Ruukki’s sales and production people were flexible and put the mistake right over Christmas. They ensured that the refurbishment was completed to schedule. So is it worth investing in a perforated façade and impressive looks? Juha Mustakangas has the answer.

“There’s a small extra cost involved, but for this you get an extremely impressive look and high visibility.”


Around 2,000 square metres of Ruukki’s Design Tokyo S18 façade profile was used in the façade. Design Tokyo S19 was made at Ruukki’s plant in Vimpeli. Jay Magnusson from Happimaa Oy was responsible for the visual design of the façade and the LED backlighting. is based at Klinkkerinkaari 2, Vantaa and the premises are owned by Saka Hallikiinteistöt ky.


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