Ruukki adds protective film to panels to keep rain out at building site

Oct 27, 2017

Press release, Ruukki Construction

Ruukki launches wall panel protection to prevent the mineral wool used as insulation in the panels from getting wet before panel installation. Ruukki® Rain Protect is a protective film in the top tongue and groove of all Ruukki wall panels and is fastened to the panels during the manufacturing process and removed in the final stage of panel installation. Human errors, the weather and ineffective protection at the site might break the dry chain of the wall panels. Ruukki Rain Protect removes the need to build a separate shelter at the building site.

“The need to solve the problem came straight from customers. Weather protection can sometimes be forgotten during panel installation when panels are exposed to unexpected rain or snow showers. Ruukki’s innovation makes work easier for installation workers and brings added assurance to developers and construction firms that only dry wall panels are installed. The solution is also our response to the Finnish Ministry of the Environment Decree on the Moisture Performance of Buildings, which enters into force on 1 January 2018,” said Product Director Pasi Turpeenniemi at Ruukki Construction. 

Damp panels at building sites can result in expensive, time-consuming extra work and in worst case scenarios can even delay a construction project. 

The new panel protection method is known as Ruukki® Rain Protect. (in Finnish)

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Pasi Turpeenniemi, Product Director

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