Ruukki’s largest façade replacement order ever

Sep 26, 2018

Ruukki’s façade profiles have been chosen to replace the façades of a logistics centre on Manttaalitie road in Vantaa. Some 8,200 square metres of façade will be used to re-clad two buildings owned by NREP, a vertically integrated real estate product innovator, developer and operator. The delivery is Ruukki’s largest façade order ever for a refurbishment project. Ruukki is also responsible for installation.

NREP is refurbishing the properties, including façades, which were built in 1982 and 1990. The buildings have a total surface area of more than 22,500 square metres. The façades were tired and disintegrating and are being replaced by Ruukki’s Venice S10 façade profiles.

”Refurbishment seeks to create a fresh, harmonious and structurally well-functioning concept. The old envelope structure posed considerable design and implementation challenges but now the structure has overcome these challenges to its advantage,” notes Petri Ahola, Senior Building Technology and Sustainability Counsel at NREP.

The buildings are located in Airport City Aviapolis in Vantaa and refurbishment has been designed by architect Marjut Aramo of the architect office Arkkitehtiruutu Oy. The mission was a cost-efficient refurbishment of the concrete element façades to create a more impressive building that blends in with the zoning of the area. Lighting is used as a visual effect and both properties have their own key colours. The steel and aluminium façades are russet and turquoise in colour.

“Design Venice 10 façade profiles are ideal when you want to create a quality façade cost-efficiently and to a tight schedule. They create the impression of a smooth surface but without the surface reflections. The profiles also protect the old façade from the weather, are easy to install on the structure and since there is ventilation space behind, the profiles have good moisture performance. There was also an extensive choice of key colours,” lists architect Marjut Aramo as the reasons for choosing Ruukki’s products.

”Ruukki is a reliable partner, with a quality product and colour palette suited to the project. The study and tendering stage of the project went excellently and they had a highly customer-driven and innovative approach to the entire project. Overall pricing was also competitive,” Petri Ahola explains why Ruukki’s façade was chosen.

The refurbishment project is being carried out by Finestcon Oy. Installation of the façade began in July this year and is scheduled to complete by mid-December.

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