Personal qualities strengthen business relationships

Apr 10, 2017

Igor Knyazev is the General Director of Antonina Holding Company, which consists of several companies operating in different kinds of business activities. This holding company includes Composit Research and Development Association, which specialises in the study, development and manufacturing of industrial rubber goods, SMU-9 Construction Company, which is engaged in the construction of buildings, and twelve automotive dealer centres officially presenting products of global brands.

The construction business is of great interest to Igor Knyazev since he represents two parties, construction company representative and investor in the matter. Mr Knyazev has now been collaborating with Ruukki for more than 15 years.

Located in Kursk, Antonina employs about 1,000 people. Construction company personnel number about 50 people. However, the company employs additional workers via several subcontractors.

Kursk has a population of about 450,000 people and is situated nearly 500 km to the south of Moscow. The city of Kursk is a regional centre in Central Russia. SMU-9 has built a significant number of buildings in the Kursk and Belgorod Regions using Ruukki services and products.

Kursk as an exhibition space

“Together with Ruukki, we have constructed about 45 buildings, of which 35 are in Kursk. Many of these were built for the needs of our company and are now used as car showrooms, warehouses and process workshops. In Russia, we are pioneers in steel structure building construction,” says Igor Knyazev.

SMU-9 has constructed Ruukki concept buildings such Condor and Spider, as well as some unique facilities.

SMU-9 noted that Ruukki’s design solution for car showrooms was effective. SMU-9 constructed a range of auto car showrooms in Kursk for makes such as BMW, Opel Chevrolet, Renault, Honda, Ford, Kia Motors, Nissan, Škoda, Mitsubishi, Datsun, Volkswagen and Lada. Apart from car showrooms, SMU-9 constructed Condor and Spider buildings for use as warehouses and processing facilities for many companies in the city.

Moreover, SMU-9 has built several customised buildings. The Evropa shopping mall in Kursk is a good example of a custom-made building, the impressive facade of which was supplied by Ruukki. The effectiveness of this construction project was improved by the high level of competitiveness among investors. Optimum use of resources during construction resulted Evropa becoming the gem of Kursk architecture. SMU-9 has constructed other customised buildings in Kursk as well.

Business and people

Igor Knyazev has known Ruukki since the days it was still known as Ventall.

“We have always and will continue to show respect towards the company’s employees. It is not only steel structures and other products that give a business its value. People are of great importance, too. Ruukki is a financially reliable and sustainable company supplying top-quality products. It is a company we can trust,” says Igor Knyazev.

According to Igor Knyazev, Ruukki’s portfolio includes an extensive range of top-quality goods. The quality level has been demonstrated by installation companies preferring to work with structures and panels made by Ruukki.

Igor Knyazev emphasises that he is very pleased to work with Ruukki employees. He says a good relationship between employees is important because personal relationships have a great influence on the entire process.

“Well, the quality of Ruukki speaks for itself. We consider it very important that when working in cooperation with Ruukki, we are able to construct buildings of any types. Ruukki has its own design unit. Ruukki provides services for structure design and to enable customers to use material in an optimal way. It is a very advanced and helpful service for customers,” Igor Knyazev notes.

“I can tell I have already been recommending this company to investors for 15 years, since the very beginning of cooperation with Ruukki.”

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