Energy panels take Citymarket Sastamala to the top of the class in energy efficiency

Jun 08, 2017

The new Citymarket in Sastamala has been designed to be energy efficient. Since the customer had strict airtightness requirements, the external walls were built using Ruukki's energy panels. Ruukki supplied around 4,000 square metres of panels, which were manufactured at Ruukki’s plant in Alajärvi, Finland.

An airtight building brings savings in heating costs and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. The investor’s airtightness requirement for Citymarket was q50=0.9 or less. Ruukki’s delivery also included airtightness measuring and an airtightness guarantee. Citymarket Sastamala undercut the airtightness requirement.

Citymarket Sastamala was opened on 6 April 2017 and is also home to other companies including a pizzeria, lunch restaurant & café, pharmacy, jeweller, barber & hairdresser and an outfitters.

The building has a total area of around 8,400 square metres and is about the same size as three football pitches. The building was designed by architectural design office BST-arkkitehdit Oy from Tampere and the lead contractor was Hartela Tampere Oy.

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