Changes to sandwich panel fire resistance standards (wall applications)

Nov 07, 2018

The revised European-wide standard EN 15254-5:2018 strengthens the requirements for the validity of fire test results for different span lengths. New span length values and EI –ratings will be applied in all European Union countries for building permits issued after 31.10.2018, and they affect all sandwich panel manufacturers. The standard also requires separate testing for horizontally and vertically installed wall panels.

In general, the panel is fire tested in laboratories where the size of the furnace is limited, a typical measure is 3 m. Instructions on the interpretation of the results and the extension of its validity in end applications are given in EN 15254-5. This standard has now been amended.

When 3 m long panels are tested, their results can be utilized to panels up to 7.5 m span length if certain criteria are fulfilled. The fire resistance characteristics of span lengths larger than 7,5 m can only be declared if the testing for that panel have been carried out in the furnace with large opening. In such a case the results can be extended for 2 m longer span than tested one if certain criteria are fulfilled, maximum span length to be declared is anyhow limited to 10 m. Such tests for large scale structures have not been required earlier.

The requirements have also been tightened with respect to the installation direction. The fire resistance test is only valid for the tested installation direction, i.e.if testing is done on a horizontal panel the test result is not valid for vertically mounted panel.

The new standard EN 15254-5:2018 applies to all Sandwich panel manufacturers In European Union countries that have declared their properties to be in line with the harmonized standard EN 14509: 2013. In addition national rules may apply.

The new span length values (related to particular fire resistance ratings) are available on Ruukki's website at

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