Ruukki Renovation creates new façade for Centrum Galaxy in Szczecin, Poland

May 07, 2018

Ruukki was one of the construction partners in the renovation and extension project of Galaxy Centrum, a shopping and entertainment centre in Szczecin, Poland. A new façade made of Ruukki Liberta rainscreen panels combined with special glass panels ensures that this centrally-located building once again stands out with its original and modern look, thus attracting the attention of both customers and tenants alike.

Time for renovation and expansion

The first large shopping centres in Poland were built in the 1990s. After some 20 years of wear and tear, many of them are now in need of renovation and modernisation. They also need to be brought into line with new architectural trends.  

“Commercial property analysts’ reports indicate that shopping centre extensions and renovations will constitute an important development factor in future years. Shopping centres are expanding mainly their entertainment zones, play areas for children and sports facilities. Also the share of food corners is growing. This is taking place in response to the growing trend of spending leisure time in shopping centres, often with family or friends. Expansion of the Galaxy shopping and entertainment Centre in Szczecin is perfectly in line with this trend,” says Arkadiusz Krześniak, Business Manager, Ruukki.

Galaxy Centrum was built in 2003 in the heart of Szczecin, a city in northwest Poland with a population of more than  400,000. This multi-storey building was designed as two cuboids. A clinker colour dominated the façade. After 12 years of operation, the centre required thorough renovation, although the decision was also driven by a need to expand the offering with many new popular brands. A prestigious location required solutions that recapture the shopping centre’s attractive and competitive appearance while being highly functional and easy to install.  

New design, new look

Open Architekci, an architectural office from Warsaw, was responsible for the renovation and expansion concept. The shopping centre’s new façade  has been created by a system of glass panels alternated with Ruukki Liberta steel rainscreen panels in dark grey, grey and white. The façade panels, which are up to 200 cm high and 50 cm or 100 cm in width, have been installed vertically. As a special request, Ruukki manufactured also panels with various depths (30-50 mm). Ruukki delivered a total of more than 5,000 m2 of Liberta Grande 102 rainscreen panels ensuring perfect flatness for such large dimensions. The materials used and their arrangement on the façade totally changed the building’s appearance. With its new steel and glass, the façade looks very fresh and modern, and the centre itself blends in well with neighbouring high-tech buildings lining one of the main roads in Szczecin. The shopping centre now has a total floor area of 58,000 square metres occupied by 190 shops.

“Implementation of the design ideas required perfect organisation from Ruukki. The centre was open for business all the time and e.g. material deliveries were possible only at night. Logistics coordination was even more difficult due to the necessity to combine different deliveries to optimise transportation costs and due to the building’s central location. But everything went smoothly – production, deliveries and installation. I would like to highlight the good cooperation with Ruukki’s plant in  Pärnu, Estonia, which quickly reacted to our special orders for non-standard components,” says Dariusz Kliszczyk, Regional Sales Manager, Ruukki Polska, who was responsible for this project.

Universal system for all building types

Ruukki’s involvement in this project is a good example of the benefits provided by the company’s system designed especially for renovation needs.  

The Ruukki Renovation concept used  for the Galaxy Centrum was based on a Liberta rainscreen panel system. Its universality allows  panels to be installed on walls of any structure. Tailored production enables the fabrication of panels with individual dimensions and colours in order to meet  a particular architectural vision. A new façade can be arranged in different layouts using various materials such as Cor-Ten steels, stainless steel, copper or aluminium with PVDF coating. The solutions applied ensure quick and easy façade replacement, reducing installation time and disruption to the neighbourhood.  


Owner: EPP
Design: Open Architekci
Steel façade contractor: EKOL Stanisław Paczyński


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