COR-TEN® façade features in impressive office building in Warsaw

Oct 05, 2018

A distinctive building on Łukasza Drewny Street in Warsaw attracts attention from afar – in daylight by its interesting form and colours, at nighttime with special lighting accentuating the building’s architectural solutions. It’s the office of Intop Warszawa, a company in the construction sector and, at the same time, their best showcase. The building has a façade made of Cor-Ten steel, concrete and stone, and has already received a couple of awards and accolades in the world of architecture.  

Steel, concrete and glass – a perfectly balanced combination

The design of the Intop building was created by the architectural office of JM Studio s.c. The customer, a well-known construction company with long experience as a general contractor, knew exactly what to expect and where to pay attention. After all, construction is their specialty. The key requirements were material quality, durability and natural appearance as well as a possibility to use them to create innovative and interesting visual effects.

Cor-Ten steel supplied by Ruukki Polska in cooperation with SSAB Poland perfectly meets these requirements. The weather-resistant steel seems to be rough and simple and in the course of time it undergoes a slight colour changes due to the formation of a patina layer which protects the steel against corrosion.  

“All façade materials are related to Intop’s business –civil engineering,” says architect Jacek Kunca at JMSA. “Cor-Ten harmonises well with concrete slabs and gabions. It is a very durable and vivid material, easy to process, takes on a nice patina and enables the façade to live a life of its own, with shade of colour  changing depending on the weather conditions,” adds Jacek Kunca.

The Cor-Ten steel sheets were made by SSAB Poland in Oborniki, Poland. The Intop project is an example of a perfect collaboration between Ruukki and SSAB. 

”This investment is also an exemplary one in terms of design and construction. Our cooperation with Jacek Kunca, the main designer and also construction supervisor, was very successful. He asked about similar solutions used in other projects and each time consulted our production. All arrangements related to production, deliveries and installation went very smoothly. And the result is spectacular,” says Lucjan Janowski, Area Sales Manager at Ruukki Polska.

Cor-Ten reaps awards and popularity

Intop’s simple, low-rise office building features the right proportions of different materials and has been highly appreciated by experts. Builder magazine honoured the Intop building with the model project award in the Investment category . The award was presented at the special Top Builder gala in March 2018 and included Cor-Ten  steel as an example of a product enabling fulfillment of modern construction ideas.   

Cor-Ten steel is suitable for many various applications in the construction industry. It works perfectly as a material for external façade walls where due to alternate dry and wet conditions it ages naturally without any maintenance needs.

It can also be used indoors for internal walls to emphasize an industrial style of interiors. A good example of Cor-Ten application is the European Centre of Solidarity in Gdańsk, Poland, where Cor-Ten dominates both externally and internally and matches the industrial character of shipyard area.

Cor-Ten can be used for large facade surfaces but also for small and unique structures such as sculptures or monuments. Easy processing, perforation options and material flexibility make it a good choice for architects aiming at innovative and individual construction solutions. 

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