A façade generating positive comments beats advertisements

Jul 03, 2018

“I’ve heard comments that this building is more handsome than many commercial buildings in the city centre. We’re pleased with our new premises,” says Vaidotas Lasas, Manager UAB “Skubios Siuntos”, UPS authorized service contractor (ASC) for Lithuania.

UPS ASC commissioned new premises in Kaunas next to the road to the airport. Completed in November 2017, the new building features an office area and facilities for freight handling.

“When thinking about the appearance of the new building, we naturally wanted it to look good and to attract attention. Smart premises do more to build a good corporate image than billboard advertising, for example,” says Vaidotas Lasas.

Design driven by operations

A well-functioning building, i.e. how it serves the business, was the main approach in design.

“The customer set out with an open mind. They asked us to come up with a proposal that combined a well-functioning building and a building that attracted attention,” explains architect Felita Kozlovaite, who designed the building and who works for the architect office of Kita Kryptis.

Sustainability has also been taken into account since a building must also perform well in the years ahead. One example of environmental awareness is energy performance, for which the UPS ASC building has an A rating despite the overhead doors in the loading and unloading bay.

Façade provides added visibility

The new building comprises a single-storey industrial hall and a seven-storey office building. Sandwich panels were used for the walls of both the industrial hall and the office parts. The exterior wall of the office building has been clad with copper-coloured special steel lamellas, with a raised lower edge.

”Copper-coloured steel lamella was chosen to give the building extra visibility. Special lamellas were used to create a horizontal effect for the high building. The building has fairly broad surface which was divided into sections to create a more interesting look,” explains Felita Kozlovaite.

Combining two different types of building always calls for special design. In this project, a tall building had to be combined with a low-rise industrial hall and this called for the building technology and pipework, for example, to be placed discretely between the two building parts.

Energy efficiency and ageless elegance

Felita Kozlovaite says that one of the advantages of sandwich panels is that compared with the other options available attaching the cladding to the panels is a relatively simple process. Likewise, the use of sandwich panels enabled the building to achieve the energy efficiency required.

“It makes sense to use the same supplier for the sandwich panels and claddings. The colour of the wall then makes the building look coherent,” says Vaidotas Lasas Valdots at UPS ASC.

Ruukki supplied both the sandwich panels and the façade lamellas. This is also relevant to how the building will look in future.

“Ruukki has a wide range of products. These products are lasting and still look good as the years pass,” enthuses architect Felita Kozlovaite.

”My colleague has enthused about the building and choice of a steel façade. He said that the current craze for glass façades will soon be a thing of the past,” says Vaidotas Lasas.

Service clinched the deal

Felita Kozlovaite says that Ruukki provides the product details that form the basis of top-quality design.

“We know we can rely on the products and Ruukki’s customer service saves us time and helps us in our own work,” she adds.

UPS ASC’s premises are on an industrial estate about 4 kilometres from Kaunas Airport. Wouldn’t just an ordinary industrial hall be more fitting for an industrial estate? Felita Kozlovaite has no hesitation in replying.

"Since people spend the whole day in the building, it is not only the industrial function that is important, but the building‘s appearance, how spacious it is, what it feels like to be inside. And  this is all a matter of architecture. That‘s why  an architect is needed. Our intention is to create comfortable, functional and beautiful spaces whether it is an industrial building, a church or a bus stop shelter."

Ruukki’s delivery:

Sandwich panels

Special lamellas for façade cladding

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