Quality and experience led to Ruukki Forma being installed also on the walls of the extension to Bory Mall

Jan 03, 2019

The Bory Mall shopping and entertainment centre can be found in the northwest of Bratislava next to the E65. The centre was completed in 2014 and also serves as the hub of the surrounding growing urban district. Bory Mall was extended in 2016 to house the highest-quality multiplex cinema in Slovakia. The same coloured Ruukki Forma™ façade solution has been used in the walls of the original shopping centre and in the extension. Penta Investment, a real estate investor, was responsible for building Bory Mall and also lets the premises inside the shopping centre.

The Ruukki Forma façade system includes wall panels and façade claddings.

“Because we were pleased with the part of the building completed earlier and with Ruukki products, it was so natural to continue with Ruukki’s solution even for the extension. All the detail and seams have been finely carried out and Ruukki was also able to respond to special requirements such as convex rainscreen panels, which still look great,” explains Dusan Sevela, an architect at Penta real estate, as the reasons for choosing Ruukki products.

Bory Mall

Dusan Sevela says that the extension was already being planned when the first part was still under construction. Dusan Sevela has been involved at each stage in the design and construction of Bory Mall.

“The quality of the façade can be seen in that there are no differences in colour tones between the built parts. We wanted to give the whole of Bory Mall a coherent look, which is why we used the same material and colour tone also in the extension part. The parts are a perfect match,” notes Dusan Sevela.

Bory Mall cinema

A children’s playground was built in front of the extension and this sets Bory Mall apart. Dusan Sevela considers the children’s playground is not only a pleasing extra, but also serves as a wind barrier to the building.

Dusan Sevela has received nothing but positive comments about Bory Mall and is especially pleased with the building’s rounded corners.“These give the building a mellower look. I’m really pleased that this was possible using Ruukki products.”

Imax multiplex cinema in Bory Mall – the best in Slovakia

The Bory Mall extension project included the construction of an outdoor children’s playground and Slovakia’s finest cinema. The Imax multiplex has 12 cinemas equipped with 3D audio effects. The largest cinema features special sound reproduction to create a natural audio environment. When it was completed, there were only two other cinemas worldwide with similar worlds of sound. Three other Imax cinemas in the multiplex also feature seats that move and vibrate in sync with the action on screen to immerse the viewer and enhance the sensory experience of the film.

Bory Mall cinema


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